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Protected: IB Past Papers – Oceans and Costal Margins

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Introduction to oceans

• distribution of oceans Describe the distribution of oceans and ocean currents. • morphology of oceans Describe the main features of oceanic crust and ocean floor morphology. Explain the occurrence of oceanic volcanic features, trenches, transform faults, mid-ocean ridges and rifts in terms of plate margins. • oceanic water Describe the horizontal and vertical spatial variations in the temperature and salinity of ocean water Read pages 134 Read full article »

Oceans and climate

• energy transfers Explain the thermal transfers of energy within oceans and the importance of oceanic conveyor belts. • El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Explain the atmosphere–oceanic interactions associated with ENSO. Explain the El Niño and La Niña phenomena and their climatic, environmental and economic effects. • carbon dioxide Examine the role of oceans as a store and source of carbon dioxide (CO2). What is specific Read full article »

Coastal margins

• physical characteristics Examine the relationship between coastal processes (tides, wave action, littoral drift, wind action) lithology, subaerial processes and different coastal landforms.Identify the major landforms of beaches, dunes and cliffs along advancing and retreating coasts. 4 hours • management strategies Discuss the conflicts that arise from competing land uses and from attempts to manage coastal hazards (tsunamis and storm surges, erosion, Read full article »

Geopolitics of oceans

Discuss the sovereignty rights of nations in relation to territorial limits and exclusive economic zones (EEZ).Examine a geopolitical conflict in relation to an oceanic resource, other than fishing. 1. Define EEZ 2. What are sovereignty rights? 3. Why are Ascension Island and the Falklands important to the British? 4. Read: Philippines 'to take South China Sea row to court' The Philippines says it will challenge Chinese Read full article »

Coral reefs and mangroves

Examine the development and the environmental and economic value of coral reefs and mangrove swamps.Analyse the causes and consequences of the loss of coral reefs and mangrove swamps. This is your Lago de Oro IA but you should read page 164 to 167. Insure that you can explain the value of coral reafs, and the cause and consequence of their loss. You can also Read full article »

How long did you spend on your HW? In geological time :-)

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The Value of the Oceans – Waste

Describe the sources and distribution of pollution in the oceans. 4 hours Discuss the implications of the pollution of oceans by the disposal of radioactive material, oil, and chemical waste. 3 hours Outline some of the impacts of waste on th marine environment. Read full article »

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