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The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained   Read full article »

El Salvador gang truce: Can MS-13 and 18th Street keep the peace?

In March this year El Salvador's most violent gangs - the Mara Salvatrucha and the 18th Street gang - agreed a truce. As a result, the murder rate of this small Central American country has plummeted - but can the peace last? On a Sunday morning, the main street into Majucla, a poor community in the north of San Salvador, looks Read full article »

The changing state of US ethnicity

The US has undergone many different immigration trends since the 15th Century, with various ethnic groups rising and falling over time. This video looks at how the US population has defined itself within government census data, where US immigrants have originated from in the past, and how these patterns could change in the future. Produced by David Gordon. Read full article »

China Population   Read full article »

Philippines gears up for battle over reproductive health bill Read full article »

UN urges Philippines to pass free contraceptives bill

The United Nations has urged the Philippines to pass a bill that will allow the government to provide free contraceptives. A UN official said passing the law would significantly reduce the maternal mortality rate, which is one of the highest in south-east Asia.   Read full article »

Eye on Philippines Read full article »

Ballet is proving to be a route out of the shanty towns of Manila

Ballet is proving to be a route out of the shanty towns of Manila for a lucky few young dancers. Kyung Lah reports. Read full article »

Life not sweet for Philippines’ sugar cane child workers

CNN) -- Barefoot and covered in dirt and sweat, 14-year-old Dante Campilan pulls weeds from orderly rows of sugar cane. Wearing an oversized red cap to protect him from the scorching Philippine sun, Dante is doing work that should be reserved for men, not children. Read full article »

Population in the Philippines

A look at how the Philippines handles a growing population. Read full article »

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